Sunday, April 16, 2006

View from the top of the world (sort of)

Before we flew to Chile, Adrian and I got a ride up to La Paz from my comrade Moises (who, in addition to being a professor of Psychology and English here is a sci-fi author and the doctor who stitched up Adrian's thumb).

Here we are on our way to checking out an ancient Inca Road. The elevation is somewhere around 14 or 15,000 ft but its effect on Adrian merited the title he gave it: "the top of the world."

[There are more photo essays coming: Adrian's thumb gash, the vineyards of Chile, a long hike on an impossibly long beach, and lots from Semana Santa here in Carmen Pampa. They'll be coming slowly since our web connection is gone on the lower campus. Thanks for your patience.]

Yes I was hiking in the freezing cold without socks but no Moises and I didn't hike the ridges with our eyes closed. (All our cameras' batteries were drained so, combined with the cold, the timing was a little goofy. I had to resort to the very-personal battery-warming trick I learned in Antarctica.)


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