Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Planta de Café

This is the new Coffee Plant that snuggles into the hillside between our upper and lower campuses. Next month they'll start, for the first time at full capacity, the multi-stage process of prepping and roasting the coffee -- a process they can keep up through September, I'm told.

The students and staff of the project (led by Cecelia, shown here with her daughter Abigail) are also using a brand-new nursery for growing 3 varieties that are perfect for the soil and altitude here. Local farmers are even encouraged to trade in old plants (that over-tax the soil, don't produce well, or aren't ideal for various reasons) for the new ones.

The education and organization that all of the above requires will be helped along considerably by the new construction being done right now: a laboratory, offices, a greenhouse, a reception area, and an important conference room as well.

The coffee itself has won awards when it was roasted by hand and should do even better with the increased consistency and fine-tuning the plant and it's machinery make possible. Let me know if you want some shipped to you!


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