Thursday, February 09, 2006

Una Noche en La Paz

A Peña is a traditional evening of song and dance and music and food (and wine). These dancers put on a fine show with almost half a dozen costume changes, despite there only being two occupied tables -- us and a cute Canadian couple.

Yup, audience participation was obligatory.

I think they picked Hannah for these dancers' attention because they could tell she was fighting some altitude sickness.

After the Peña, we busted out to the World's Highest Microbrewery, Ramjam -- makers of Saya beer. The place totally captivated me until seeing one too many ads for the same cigarette gave away that the place is 100% sponsored. And therefore suspect. But still pretty dang cool.

From left to right: Hannah (who lives 5 blocks from me in Saint Paul), Maria (who is my food twin, Vata Dosha and all), Hugh (our Julie McCoy and Ph D agronomy professor), and me.

But the coolest place in all of La Paz (OK, the tiny fragment of La Paz that I know) was Diesel Nacional. It was literally like a scene out of one of my dreams: rusted metal everywhere, excellent lighting, acid jazz, and just oozing a happy PoMo ennui.

Hannah, Maria and Hugh were remarkably tolerant of my need to photograph this place from endless angles.


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