Friday, August 29, 2008

All iPhone, all the time

It's only 2.0 megapixels with a fixed focus and no flash, but the little beaut' does its best. Here are a dozen highlights from the summer, as seen through my iPhone's camera.

The flour mill ruins that (stunningly) house Minneapolis' Mill City Museum. King Alli spotted a place to stand to frame the letter A (in GOLD METAL FLOUR) in one of the wabi-sabi windows.

The Zenith Condo -- my parents' new address (!) come Spring 2009.

The yellow (though the designing architect insists it's amber and cites his ski goggles as inspiration) glass details on the Guthrie Theatre's surprisingly beautiful parking garage.

A decaf cafe au lait at Kopplin's Coffee House in my old neighborhood in St Paul MN. I swear the air in that place alone caffeinated me for the rest of the day.

A summer thunderstorm, seen from the Target parking lot. (Note the bull's eye/dot thingy.)

Sunflowers on my friend Hannah's dining room table.

My feet and notebook during the silent afternoon on the retreat for my FTE fellowship in North Georgia.

My nephew Tully and me in front of Blue Earth's Cedar Inn Drive-In. Best. Root-beer. Ever.

The unexpectedly grand hallway that greets you as you enter my new digs in Boston, MA.

Simple daisies on Boston College's rarely-simple campus.

The Triborough Bridge as seen from the shore near Eric's place.

A variation on the long-arm self-portrait -- with the trusty Mac that got me through my years working in Arizona and St Paul (with less speed, memory, and storage than the iPhone itself!).


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OK, so when where you in NYC, and, uh, do you remember that I live here now!!!?????

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